Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Morphe Brushes IT'S BLING Eyeshadow Palette

  Here I have a palette by Morphe Brushes and it is palette number 35E. It is absolutely beautiful and the pigmentation is absolute perfection! Down below I have some video's of the swatches from every eyeshadow in the palette to try and give you a better view of what they actually look like on the skin. The price is also very budget friendly, which is why it's a perfect deal breaker for me. I would like to apologize in advance for the lower quality of the actual video's, I was recording it with my cell phone. Some quick facts about this palette. It glides on so effortlessly and isn't a bit patchy! The colors do in fact last all day long, so you will look just as good after a long day/night as you did when you first applied. These feel like absolute butter! When I was swatching them, I had absolutely no primer on. This is simply the eyeshadows and that's it. It has 35 eyeshadows within this gorgeous palette! I won't keep going on about this palette because it pretty much speaks for itself. Also the direct link will be below the photo on where to purchase it!  I sure hope you enjoy, and I hope that you will be back on my page to see future blogs that I will be posting during the weeks! I thank you guys so much and feel free to leave comments and ask as many questions as you'd like! Also keep up to date with me by subscribing to my blogs! You will receive an email letting you know when a new blog is up! P.S. The video's are in order of the line of eyeshadows in each row.  XOXO's
Price: $22.99

Friday, July 31, 2015


    Exactly word for word of the description that YSL claims - The 1st illuminating blur primer by YSL: When the magic light of  TOUCHE ECLA meets the perfection of a blur. This innovative primer combines: - An advanced blur technology to create an ideal complexion. - The magic light of TOUCHE ECLAT in a transparent gel, free of dulling opaque fillers, allows light to diffuse through optimally. An ideal complexion instantly illuminated: Pores visibly appear diminished, skin texture is smoothed and skin luminosity is boosted. Applied under foundation to maximize radiance or worn alone to create a perfect canvas.

  This YSL face primer is one of my absolute favorite products. Rarely do I ever use any sort of primers because my skin is extremely finicky. I have very dry and sensitive skin, so please keep this in mind. If you are very dry to combination then this will be your best friend! However if you are oily you will want to make sure that the gel formula has completely absorbed into the skin before applying any foundation. There are specks of glitter throughout the beautifully packaged glass bottle. But no worries, you won't have glitter sparkling all over your face. I have noticed that it does an exquisite job on improving the longevity of your foundation. Down below I have provided photos of what the packaging, formula, and after it has been properly absorbed into the skin. I will also provide direct links of where the product can be purchased. Now it is pretty pricy, but in my personal opinion, it's worth every penny. And hey, some times us girls just need to treat ourselves with great luxury products, right? That's right, we deserve to feel like a princess every now and then. ;) I hope that this blog becomes very helpful to you in the future. Please follow me and keep up with my latest beauty blogs. You won't want to miss out! Also feel free to share these blogs and help spread the word. Comment and ask as many questions as you'd like regarding any of the products that I will be blogging about. Hugs and Kiss from me to you! :)

PRICE: $52.00 - 1fl.oz of product

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Starting My New Blogging Journey

I am just starting out on beauty blogging, but I'm very experienced in the makeup world. My goal is to share my absolute favorite beauty products. Whether it be from skincare, tips, and tricks. I'll be covering drug store makeup as well as high end makeup. I'll be sharing photos of every blogged about product. 

 I hope that my blogs help woman make the right choices on what to buy. I'll be going into great detail on EVERYTHING! Please keep in touch and see what's yet to come! Also, type in your email on my main page that way if interested, you'll receive notifications on when a post a new blog! Thank you so for your support! Feel free to leave comments as well!  Xoxo ♥😘